Are plant-based burgers the future?

In the last few years plant-based burgers have improved so much that most people can’t even tell the difference. They’ve also gained in popularity not just from vegans, but also people just looking to make more healthy choices.

Restaurants like Burger King, Carl’s Jr. and many others have started offering Beyond & Impossible burgers, but where they miss the mark is in the cheese and mayo. Because they don’t offer plant-based dairy options they don’t appeal to people who want to truly reduce their animal intake.

That’s where Underground Burger steps up. By offering burgers, fries, shakes and a fiery chicken sandwich they’ve created a product that is truly missing in the Las Vegas market. Underground features impossible ground beef mixed with their own mushroom/spice patty mix, good planet cheddar, and a secret sauce that rivals any dairy based version.

underground burger

Right now, plant-based meat represents about one-quarter of one percent of the meat market, but that is about to change, and smart investors like Bill Gates and Tyson Foods are getting in on the ground floor. Indeed, Lux Research predicts that by 2054, plant-based meat will command one-third of the global meat market. There are multiple ways to help animals and create a more sustainable food supply.

So if you’re considering incorporating more plant-based options into your diet, it doesn’t mean you have to do it with tofu. Do it in style with one of the best burgers you’ve ever eaten. 100% made from plants, good buns, no beef And always UNDERGROUND.

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